May your feet be wiser than your head

By Street Wisdom

Hey you guys.

Yes you guys, the two sticky-outty bits down the bottom there.


Wiggle, wiggle.

Yes, you.

Just wanted to say Thank you.

Thank you for doing what you do everyday, without thinking about it (literally), without expecting any thanks in return. It’s quite a task you’ve got yourself there.

After all, you get all the rest of us up here to all the places we want to go.

Like the other day, Head and Mouth wanted to go to that meeting to look and sound good. Later that night, Heart wanted to go to the cinema to meet a friend and have a laugh. And Hands just wanted to play ball (once a week, Wednesday afternoons)!

You just do your thing, step by step, each day, without expecting a word of thanks or gratitude or appreciation in return.

It’s mind-blowing.

Well, today, we appreciate you for it.

And today, we want YOU to lead the way.

Yes, YOU. You’re always doing what we want to do. What do YOU want to do today?

Take us where YOU want to go.

Ignore the rest of us, just for today at least.

Wherever you want to wander, we’ll be right behind you (well, on top of you but…)

There’s a lot of wisdom in you guys! We just know you’ll know where to go.


Let’s go…

(And thank you again.)



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