December’s wisdom – in just 3 words

By Street Wisdom

On our monthly Street Wisdom Online Walkshop this month, we asked participants to share the lesson or wisdom they learned from the streets, or parks, or forests, or living rooms, or bedrooms, or whatever rooms they were in, using just three words.

We love this exercise – called #ThreeWordWisdom – and though on the face of it, it seems reductive, it’s actually more like sculpting. You’re chipping away at what’s not needed to get to the beautiful core.

We love these nuggets of wisdom, which we’re going to share from now on, every time we have our monthly practice session.

Enjoy December’s wisdom below.

Join us for the next session? Drop in from wherever you are.

Happy wandering!


Love being outdoors

Explore with curiosity

Search again tomorrow

Wash rinse repeat

Until it comes

Rest in curves

Contain everyday turbulence

Embrace imperfection. Be.

Buffeting will end.

Light opens dark

Light, hiding, revealing

Friends not fuel

Blue sky thinking

Combine unusual things

Is outside inside?

Clues every corner



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