Three word wisdom

By Philip Cowell

We’ve been trying a new thing out, here at Street Wisdom.

Nothing groundbreaking, nothing that changes the base model, but certainly a neat little innovation.

At the end of a Street Wisdom Walkshop, once everyone has shared what popped out for them on their Wander, and what they can learn from it, we’re encouraging people to sum up the Wisdom they will take with them, in just 3 words.

Yes! 3 words!

Below are some examples from Walkshops we’ve recently led in-person and online. (By the way, we’ve not shared any names, but if you’re reading this and don’t want your Three Word Wisdom shared here, contact us.)

It’s a really nice way of taking One Thing away with you from the Walkshop, into the future. Maybe just for a few days, maybe longer.

And the great thing? It can be easily repeated as you take Street Wisdom into your everyday walking practice. Think of it as a post-Wander puzzle to solve. A game. Your own personalised three words of wisdom. (Tip: write it in the third person, and then you can share it with others. It could be useful!)

So, what’s your latest Three Word Wisdom?

(And by the way: part of the fun of it, is sticking to the three word rule. But if you needed 4 or 5, that’s okay too!)


Enjoy the wonder

More alone time

Multiple paths: OK

Resolve something daily

Outsource security worries

Trust own wisdom

Be like moss

Get up earlier

Listen beyond noise

Look inside yourself

No new projects

Know neighbours better

You are nature

Trust organic process

Finish unfinished projects

Contemplate solemn feeling

Care for colleagues



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