Try our new Self-Care Walk

By Street Wisdom

In a new series of Walks for you to try out by yourself using our audio guides, we start with Self-Care. Plug in your earphones, pop your shoes on, and head out to the streets!

When might you want to go on a Self-Care Walk?

This Walk is designed for those moments in life when you’re just a bit “full”. There’s a lot on at work, it’s chaotic at home, your friendships are demanding a lot of you and don’t get started on your side hustle. It’s not that you want to give up on any of it. You just want to find better ways of looking after yourself as you perform to your beautiful sustainable maximum. Great, so that’s when you need the Self-Care Walk!

What do you need to go on this Walk?

Yourself, of course. (All of those bits of you, no hiding now.) A little bit of time, 45 minutes is great, give yourself an hour if you can. Shoes and weather-proof clothing are useful. And a phone with headphones so you can listen to our audio guides.

OK, let’s go!

And just to say: firstly – thanks for being here. It means you’re doing something for yourself, about yourself, which might make all the difference. Secondly, and more practically, you’re going to do three short Tune Ups to get your amazing navigation system (your body!) into a good place for your Quest, each of about ten minutes. Then you’re going to go on a Quest of about fifteen minutes (longer if you have more time) focused on Self-Care. Right, let’s do this.


Tune Up One: Let’s Get Curious

About 10 mins.

The first Tune Up is all about tuning in to the world around us and getting curious.

Click play and start wandering now.

Tune Up Two: Take Your Time

About 10 mins.

The second Tune Up is about slowing down and making more time, to allow more space between the gaps so to speak.

Click play and start wandering (more slowly!) now.

Tune Up Three: Lighting Up Life

About 10 mins.

The third Tune Up is about sensing the beauty all around you. It really is a beautiful wake-up call. Don’t miss a thing!

Click play and start wandering beautifully now.

The Quest: Self-Care

About 15 mins (or longer if you like).

Now you’re all tuned up, your navigation system (aka your body, your mind, your heart, your DNA, your footprint, your imagination, all your senses including your wonderful sense of self) can go on your Self-Care Quest.

Click play and consider using some of these quests below as prompts for your own Self-Care enquiry:

  • Streets, show me options for how to look after myself better
  • How can I make today an unusually comforting day for myself?
  • What do I need to do to be me?
  • Dear streets, give me some ideas for how Self-Care can be built into my daily routine
  • Show me some different ways of relating to myself and others
  • How can [insert your name] look after [him/her/their self] more?

Oh, the advanced version?

Ask a friendly-looking stranger your question. Answers are everywhere, and teachers are everywhere too.

If you’ve found this Self-Care Walk useful

…and we hope you have, then share it with a friend or member of your family. It’s free, after all, and showing them you care really could make all the difference.

If you can, tell us how you found it, email us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Happy wanderings!



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