Join us for the World Wide Wander, Sep 22-23 2022

By Philip Cowell

Street Wisdom and CreativeMornings proudly present The World Wide Wander!

Calling curious people of all kinds to come together to exercise your imaginations!

It’s time to imagine. Together.

Creative people imagine better futures. It’s what we do. The world’s never needed our creativity more.

At the heart of the World Wide Wander is the idea that the best ideas aren’t discovered by sitting down, concentrating. They’re found when we get up and go, move, walk around, engage with the world around us, speak with strangers, gather our community.

The World Wide Wander is a global gathering of curious creatives to unhook, wander the world and exercise our imaginations, together. It’s a 24 hour relay of Walkshops – walking workshops – hosted by CreativeMornings and Street Wisdom, to unleash our collective imaginations and find better ways to navigate this complex world.

When the sun comes up in your time zone there will be an event you can join online (indoors or out in the street), plus inspiring special guests, stimulation and lots of laughter throughout. It’s an experience you’ll remember, and a technique you’ll take away forever.

It’s free! The World Wide Wander is a labour of love between Street Wisdom and CreativeMornings – two global volunteer organisations that believe in the goodness of humanity, in living a creative and curious life.

The world has never needed your creativity more. Let’s see where your imagination leads us.

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Inspired? Street Wisdom is all about finding better ways. Join a Walkshop near you, or head out for your own wander right now with our Tune Ups. Buy your own copy of Wanderful, all profits go back into Street Wisdom to help keep it free. Share your insights and follow us @StreetWisdom_