Paul Bulencea: The Wanderful Podcast with David Pearl

By Philip Cowell

I sit for an hour and I get to know the neighbours – the more than human neighbours.

Paul Bulencea is an experience designer focused on the nature of the transformational experience. He has created many experience concepts globally and is currently focusing on collaborating with wilderness to spark and maintain a much needed shift in perception. He is the co-founder of the College of Extraordinary Experiences, a global gathering that takes place in a 13th century castle in Poland with the aim of exploring the field of experience design. He is the co-author of Gamification in Tourism: Designing Memorable Experiences and is currently working on a second book about guiding transformations.


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00.00 – 00.44 Intro Theme

00.46 – 04.32 Introducing Paul Bulencea

04.34 – 06.20  Native Seed Shakers

06.25 – 09.40 Noticing the wilderness in the city

11.41 – 14.08 Creating edible landscapes

14.08 – 18.56 Community Supported Agriculture

18.56 – 21.50 Deconditioning industrial thinking

23.00 – How to do a ‘sit spot’ – connecting with nature

26.45 – 28.00 Honey (a sit-spot poem)

28.00 – 33.38 Wanderful Exercise: The Sit Spot

33.40 – Epilogue: The bells! The bells!



“When you’re looking for wildlife, you will be surprised at the amount of wildlife in the cities… but that’s where the food is.” (Paul)

“You can eat all mushrooms, but some of them you can only eat once.” (Paul)

“What if we had cities inside edible landscapes?.” (Paul)

“We’re eating very few edible crops. We cultivate very few because we have this industrial thinking.” (Paul)

“This push for consistency – what’s so great about consistency?” (David)

“I sit for an hour and I get to know the neighbours – the more than human neighbours.” (Paul)


Further Information


Community Supported Agriculture –


George Monibot – Regenesis –


The plant David is sitting next to…we think…any knowledgeable horticulturalists, let us know!




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