Five ways to tweak your street

By Philip Cowell

Street Wisdom is an everyday creative practice you add to your walk to find better ways with everything from inspiration to problem-solving and well-being.

You can start your wander now – simply listen to the Street Wisdom Tune Ups before moving on to the Quest. They’re FREE and available on Spotify.

Or you can join one of our real-life in-person Street Wisdom Walkshops happening across the planet. And if you can’t find one on a street near you, why don’t you set one up yourself?

Meanwhile, as you’re here, why not try one of these extra tips for how to add a bit of creativity to your next wander and at the same time #tweakyourstreet:

  1. Smile! What happens when you smile more as you walk down the street? Who might respond, who might it help? How does it change you?
  2. Garden! Get involved in your local guerrilla gardening club, or just plant some flowers yourself. Think of the effect they will have on so many other people. Not everyone will consciously notice, but everyone will benefit at some level.
  3. Surprise! Surprise someone asking for money with a note or offer to buy some food! Leave an envelope on a bench for someone to pick up with a letter inside saying you appreciate them for being alive and noticing this letter. Offer to help someone in need. Keep safe, but done well this can change so much of the street’s vibe.
  4. Listen! Offer to be a listening ear to someone – a stranger, or a friend you bump into. Take inspiration from our friends at Sidewalk Talk. Listen to the sound of the leaves in the trees. How does the street being a little bit more aware of itself help?
  5. Breathe! Streets can be stressful places. What if you did some of the slowing right down, and the breathing. Perhaps it’s not just for you, perhaps you can help the street – and all the participants, human and more than human – as a whole by slowing down and noticing your breath?

Let us know how you get on! Share your insights @StreetWisdom_ #tweakyourstreet



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