Anuradha Chugh: The Wanderful Podcast with David Pearl

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My purpose is to be a beacon for inspiration.

Anuradha Chugh, CEO of Pukka Herbs

Anuradha Chugh has been the CEO of Pukka Herbs since July 2021. She firmly believes that businesses can – and should – tackle climate change and address inequality. Anu has over 25 years’ experience in the CPG industry, holding positions in values-led progressive businesses like Ben & Jerry’s as Managing Director, Europe, as well as in some of Unilever’s flagship brands like Dove & Lipton, in different geographies of Europe, US, Latin America, Turkey and India.  

Anu has demonstrated that she can lead businesses to thrive, transform and grow by creating value that is long-lasting and purpose driven. She is passionate about using the power of business to make a positive impact in society and is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to drive change.

Anu is married to Rohit with whom she has two kids: Aditi and Varun, and loves spending time outdoors with their dog, Alfie.


00.00 – 00.43 Theme

00.44 – 05.05 David introduces Anuradha Chugh

05.07 – 09.10 Speaking to and from the heart

09.12 – 11.50 Meeting people’s needs

12.20 – 13.30 Choosing ice cream over detergents

14.00 – 15.43 Where to find inspiration: How to be a beacon for inspiration

16.00 – 19.56  What inspires Anu?

17.00 – 18.21 Routes: Mentoring women who have come from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds

18.40 – 21.38 Doing good and doing well: Business and impact: Giving back to the Planet

22.50 – 24.22 Who benefits from Pukka Teas work?

26.40 – 25.49 The well being and health benefits of tea

26.41 – 27.57 How does Anu promote her own health?

28.00 – 31.25 Work in the post-pandemic world

29.41 – 33.54 The Wanderful Exercise: The Heart Led Walk

34.10 – 38.00 Epilogue

38.01 – 38.50 End Credits



“I don’t think choices can be all that rational.” (Anu)

“Packaging has to emotively speak to you. It has to grab you emotionally, while you’re walking down an aisle. Something as functional as that really has to be emotionally driven.” (Anu)

“You gravitate towards what you find exciting – there is a little bit of intentionality that comes into it.” (Anu)

“You have to find the higher purpose of what really makes you tick in that space – you have to articulate for yourself the purpose of why you get up in the morning.” (Anu)

“I need to inspire myself and inspire those I lead. You get the best work from yourself if you are a beacon for inspiration.” (Anu)

“We’re rediscovering business as a force for good.” (Anu)

“The more you grow the more positive impact you have.” (Anu)

“In today’s world we all have to do business which is regenerative.” (Anu)

“As long as people keep buying what you’re selling, then everything that you then sell has a positive impact to that last person or maybe that first person who has been wild berry picking somewhere in Guatemala. And that’s the circle.” (Anu)

“The solution will be with business working with governments and charity institutions.” (Anu)

“You are putting health and well-being in their cup.” (Anu)

“You’re selling health.” (Anu)

“Life is more about being rather than doing.” (Anu)



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