The Stumbler’s Guide: The Wanderful Podcast with David Pearl

By Street Wisdom

‘What one mountain taught one Londoner about life …step …by wobbly step.”

This week’s episode is a little off the straight and narrow. But that’s what Wanderful is all about. Finding wonder in life’s side roads.

I reckon the planet needs us to be more creative.  So for World Nature Conservation Day, we decided to get improvising. Our producer Andrew Paine took some words that came into my mind as I was struggling down an Italian mountain and asked the  composer Laura Cannell to add whatever music came into her mind as she listened to the text. We’re calling it the Stumblers’ Guide. I deliberately didn’t listen to what she’s done so this is a premiere for you and me. And also a chance to say thanks to a mountain that taught me a lot.

To listen now, go here:

Happy wandering (and stumbling)

David Pearl


Laura Cannell

Laura Cannell’s music straddles the worlds of experimental, contemporary, early & medieval music, her semi-composed, semi-improvised music draws on the emotional influences of the landscape whilst exploring the spaces between early and experimental music. She has released seven solo albums to critical acclaim, mainly performing on Overbowed Violin and Double Recorders. Her new solo album ‘Antiphony of the Trees’, was The Quietus Album of the week and month in March 2022, received a 4 star review from Songlines Magazine and is featured in the May Wire Magazine. Laura’s music has been used for film & television internationally.

Twitter @laurarecorder

Insta @lauracannellmusic

David Pearl (Host)

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Andrew Paine (Producer & Audio Engineer)

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