Better Ways with Sam Furness

By Rachel Crowther

People all over the world come to a creative practice like Street Wisdom because they are looking for better ways to live and work. Large and small. We love ‘em – the inspiration seekers;  the people who are always looking – and who share what they’ve discovered with others.  People like Sam Furness, founder of Channel Twelve. We spoke to Sam about finding better ways:

I am currently looking for a better way to… strike the balance of being the founder of a young creative business and being an artist! Being both of those things is important to me – and I see them as a help to each other, not a hinderance – but finding the time and headspace to be both is a work in progress 🙂

I just discovered a better way to….enjoy running. I now see my runs as equal parts thinking time and physical exercise. A lot of my good thinking and breakthroughs happen in movement. It’s like my body finally catches up with the speed of my brain…and somehow things just feel more in sync and clearer. The running is still tough – but it’s certainly easier if you set a thinking intention for your run. For me any way!

Sam is on a lifelong Quest to expand the edges of his creativity. On any given day you’ll find him searching for extraordinary creative ideas in ordinary places and bringing them to life in adventurous and collaborative ways. Since 2016, he has been exploring the world around him through new themes each month. What started as an experiment in finding new ways to express himself has turned into an ongoing learning journey into seeing the world differently. In 2020 he turned his artist blog Channel Twelve, into a business which runs monthly, themed Creative Quests; guiding people through the same perception shifting explorations he began himself in 2016.

If you’d like to join Sam and Channel Twelve on their next Quest kicking off on 4th May, they’ve offered Street Wisdom followers a 20% off code. Find out more here and book by 1st May using code QUESTER20.