Gabrielle Walker: The Wanderful Podcast with David Pearl

By Rachel Crowther

Discover more stories of hope with Gabrielle and other climate innovators on the newly released The Green Room – What (On Earth’s) the Story film on You Tube’

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Gabrielle Walker, Founder and Director of Valence Solutions, is an expert strategist, speaker and moderator focused on unleashing capitalism on climate change. She works with global companies at boardroom-level, analysing emerging trends, challenging conventional thinking and driving meaningful action. Through its partnership with the UNFCCC High Level Champions for Climate Action, Valence Solutions participated in many COP26 events in Glasgow.

Gabrielle gives keynote addresses to corporate audiences around the world and is an accomplished moderator of high-level debates. She has presented many BBC TV and radio programmes, given a TED Countdown talk, was Climate Change Editor at Nature and Features Editor at New Scientist, has written extensively for many international newspapers and magazines including the FT, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and has authored four books. She earned her PhD at Cambridge University and has taught at both Cambridge and Princeton.


00.00 – 00.48: Theme

00.49 – 05.04: Introducing Gabrielle Walker

05.10 – 06.15: What’s Gabrielle’s story?

06.20 – 09.10: When the ‘stories’ are broken and the thirst for a better story

09.11 – 12.07: The ‘removals’ story

12.09 – 15.23: Saints and Sinners Story (Good Guys v Bad Guys)

15.24 – 17.35: Holding up a mirror to myself

17.40 – 19.32: The Wooly Pigs Story & Bringing Green (Natural) and Chrome (Technology) together

19.35 – 23.40: David’s ‘Green & Chrome’ exercise

23.59 – 27.50: Epilogue

27.51 – 28.35: End Credits


“We cannot now get down to net zero by 2050. We can’t stay below 1.5 degrees, this target we’re trying to get to, with all the means that we’re currently trying. We have left it too late.” (Gabrielle)

“ A much more heartening reason for getting behind carbon removals and taking CO2 back out of the sky (is) we can stop the problem getting worse and we can start to make it better… we can clean up our own mess and give the world a chance to heal.. and that… is a magical story.” (Gabrielle)

“You can store CO2 in the earth, in the trees, in soils, in ocean chemistry… you can store it in buildings, clothes, rocks, geological formations deep underground and probably other places we haven’t even thought of yet. And that means we can take it out of the sky and put it in all these other places and actually fix the problem.” (Gabrielle)

“You can use stories to connect individuals with people who don’t think in the way that you do in a way that they enjoy. Then you can make them feel safe enough to feel comfortable enough, for long enough to maybe go well ‘maybe it could be different’.” (Gabrielle)

“Go to the place inside where you can feel who you are and then go outside to the place to the friends around you… who helped me hold up a mirror to myself. And when I looked into the mirror and could go deeper… it’s a loving mirror, it’s the most wonderful thing anyone can ever give you. If you look into it you find a source of strength and power and energy and love that’s really spectacular.” (Gabrielle)

“I’m a woo-woo scientist” (Gabrielle)

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