Kia Cannons: The Wanderful Podcast with David Pearl

By Rachel Crowther
“Can we slow down to the pace of nature?”


Kia is the do what you love coach for creative women. Empowering women with the tools to figure out what they want to do with their life, Kia helps women shift from surviving to thriving.  

Guiding people through essential self-discovery work to know what they want and tap into what they are called to do, Kia gets people unstuck so they can live a life without regret.  She does this through teaching soul-led living and cultivating a killer mindset. 

Kia is a monthly columnist for Psychologies Magazine, an Abstract Artist, Host of UK top 3 wellness podcast, Happy Hacks, and Founder of Untold Happiness. 

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Theme / Introduction


Introducing Kia Cannons


How Kia named herself – finding her identity


Different personalities


The time Kia couldn’t walk


Is giving herself permission, key to Kia’s life?


Learning to love yourself – the lessons from coaching




Showing people what works in Kia’s life – Instagram


Kia is rising up and letting go of the beliefs that don’t serve her


The Manifesto of Beliefs


Taking time to rest


The benefits of slowing down


The benefits of grounding


Working on choices


David sets up the grounding exercise


Post exercise conversation – what was the learning?


End credits

Resources Mentioned

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom

Standout Quotes

“I didn’t have a real aversion to my name (Vicky) but i just had a real longing to find my own identity.” (Kia)

“It’s just insane how the answers are so often out there, but so often we shut our lives down because of what one person says.” (Kia)

“The key to everything in life is love.” (Kia)

“I really feel like I came into this world, this little ball of sunshine, full of enthusiasm, hope and excitement and then I had the human experience… of being moulded, told what to do, given advice, well meaning but advice that then took away my permission to do things.” (Kia)

“When you learn to love yourself – it began with acceptance and then moving into a deep appreciation of myself and my journey and then it turns into love.” (Kia)

“When you learn to love yourself, you treat yourself very differently and will give yourself permission to do so many things that you wouldn’t have done when you didn’t love yourself.” (Kia)

‘With the desire to give comes the need to be able to not give at times otherwise you find yourself quite depleted.” (David)

“I empower my mind, body and soul when I take time to rest.” (Kia)

“I move through my life and business so much more powerfully when I slow down and especially when I come to it from a state of being… which is always a slow, restful place.” (Kia)

“Slow doesn’t mean lacking in energy… quite the opposite.” (David)

“Am I slowing down to the pace of nature? I realised… walking without shoes makes you slow down… because you’re looking at where you’re putting your feet.” (Kia)

“I now challenge myself when I’m bare feet walking to find evidence of what the pace of nature is.” (Kia)


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