Winter Wander in South Africa

By Kim Pistorius

As Erling Kagge so eloquently writes about the inner silence that goes hand in hand with walking.  The Street Wisdom process helps you detach from the busyness of everyday life and reminds you to slow down. The silence and mindful walks help you to reconnect with your inner voice and uses your environment to speak to you. Whether it is through a road sign or a tree, the answers you are looking for are right there.

By participating in Street Wisdom, you learn the skill of slowing down, listening and observing. Walking activates body and aids the brain to think in a different way. Often people go for a walk to clear their head – it is the inner silence that allows you to observe a change of perspective.

On the 2nd Street Wisdom event held in South Africa, participants and the volunteer street leader were able to learn from each other. They created time to have their questions answered by the streets. There is wisdom all around – are you open to it?