Walking is… magic

By Street Wisdom

Before I set off to lead a Street Wisdom recently, I randomly opened a graphic novel I’ve been reading to this page. It’s the only scene in the whole book set on a street. The main character – who is also the author – walks towards us talking about magic.

“Magical practice draws attention to the ways in which human is audience and stage,” she narrates, as she notices a full bin.

“Who can be deemed a potential active or receptive partner in relationship and collaboration expands. ‘Relating’ is reframed.” She lifts the lid of the bin and takes out a beautiful bunch of flowers. “These public spheres are magical,” the next page starts.

As I put my coat on, ready to meet the active and receptive partners who had signed up for the session, I realised Street Wisdom is all about expanding collaboration, reframing how we relate to the world and each other. Finding bouquets amongst the dustbins.

Walking along the streets can be magical when you’re drawn to what attracts you. When you Slow. Right. Down. When you sense the story. When you find the beauty in everything.

by Philip Cowell


Image cred: Witchbody by Sabrina Scott (Weiser Books, 2019)