A Wanderful Stranger – Psychologies Editor Suzy Walker

“Just imagine that. You spend your life dangling up there in the sky!

You can tell wandering with Suzy is going to be fun. Even before we begin she’s asking a window cleaner why he’s wearing climbing gear and he points up to the tower block he’s about to scale. To him, this is probably an everyday task. But after a minute with Suzy he is looking up into the heavens, seeing his work in a different light. Imagining what other peoples’ lives are like and sharing ideas to make them better is what Suzy is all about. And her enthusiasm is infectious.

That said, as we start walking, it soon becomes clear her own journey to here has had its lows as well as highs.

“My parents died when I was a teenager.  I’d had this idyllic childhood by the sea. Dog, brother, mum and dad.  And all of a sudden it was literally washed away. I had to figure things out quick. I was in free fall but I knew there were ‘ledges of happiness’ for me if I could find them. Self-development didn’t exist then as it does now. But that’s the direction I headed. For me, the key to survival was growth….

We’ve turned in a side-road of small, independent shops and Suzy has stopped in her tracks.  “It is a sign!”, she says, face wreathed in smiles. She’s pointing to the window of an organic café where there is a, quite literally, a sign, hand-painted with the words: We Grow.

Suzy is laughing.“That’s part of my theme for next year. Keep. Grow. Deliver.”

The café is tempting but it’s too soon for a cup of tea. We decide to wander but commit to returning here at the end of our walk. Watching Suzy carefully, I notice she’s not deciding a route but at every corner and junction, letting the direction suggest itself.

But, as I am discovering, that’s very Suzy.”

This excerpt is from Wanderful: Sat Nav for the Soul, a book based on the inspiration behind global social movement Street Wisdom by founder and author David Pearl. It is a guidebook for people out there who are looking for answers. In life. In work. In everything. And beyond. The book shows us that answers to our questions are right in front of our eyes. We walk past them every day.

In this excerpt, David goes for a wander with Psychologies Magazine editor Suzy Walker, one of the many fascinating strangers we bump into over the course of the book.

We are currently crowdfunding to make the book happen. There are pledges up for grabs starting from £10 and include bespoke Street Wisdom sessions for your team and one-on-one walking coaching sessions with David. All profits from the book go to helping Street Wisdom’s mission of bringing inspiration to every street on the planet. Find out more and show your support here.

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