Turning off the plastic tap with A Plastic Planet

By Rachel Crowther

Street Wisdom founder David Pearl took to the streets of Fitzrovia for a special event in partnership with our friends A Plastic Planet to run a session for design consultancy Made Thought. The focus of the session was to think about how we can all turn off the plastic tap. What better place to think about such an important question than out on the streets surrounded by busy-ness in the unmistakable tempo of Central London?

At the heart of Street Wisdom is finding inspiration in our everyday lives, we don’t have to escape to a beautiful island to find fresh thinking – we seek to find the beauty in our everyday environment. Plastic is unavoidably noticeable when we pay attention to our surroundings and it’s desperately clear that we need to change our consumption of plastic. Not just picking it up or recycling but changing habits. That’s why we’ve partnered with the brilliant social movement, A Plastic Planet.  Their over-riding goal is igniting and inspiring the world to turn off the plastic tap. We just need to use less of it, all of us

We knew something powerful would happen in combining the creative minds of A Plastic Planet and the team at Made Thought, with the answers the streets have to offer. After all, answers are

out there, we just need to pay attention…

Step 1: David guided the group through Tune-Up exercises to help them slow down, connect with the environment and start to notice (inspiration, people, things around them).
Step 2: This created a more receptive mindset for the second part of the process – finding fresh perspective on the changes they could individually make to turn off the plastic tap.
Step 3: The Walkshop finished by sharing the experience, their ideas and inspiration. Bringing their individual ideas, collaborating with others’ learning and putting that into practical steps to take forward and make a change. It was a powerful process.

“I thought it was brilliant. It taught me that I can get so much more out of my environment and life if I acknowledge and set my own pace!”
“Interesting and insightful – really enjoyed the chance to see a familiar area in a new way and to be given ways to be conscious of my own thought processes.”
“A rare chance and opportunity to do something completely refreshing and unique. I found so many ironies in the whole experience but most of all how easy it is to find answers to questions amongst places and things you walk past every day.”

For more information on A Plastic Planet, watch the below video and visit their website: https://aplasticplanet.com/