Ten Reasons to go for a Walk

By Rachel Crowther

The pure and simple pleasure derived from going out for a walk is such that it requires no further justification. But should there be any doubt, this book gives us ten reasons – each as convincing as the next.

Learning to walk is the primary occupation of the early years of our existence; thereafter it becomes an automatic and intrinsic part of what makes us human.

But, take a step back and look again to discover that walking also has the power to make us better: healthier in body, mind and spirit; fitter; brighter; better at making the right decision; better disposed towards our fellow man; happier, and even better looking! Stop for a moment more and discover that the virtues of walking also benefit our society at large.  Indeed, there are probably a thousand good reasons to go for a walk.  Here are ten to be going on with:

  1. It’s good for the body
  2. It’s good for the brain
  3. It’s good for the mind
  4. It’s good for decision-making
  5. It’s good for coping with an accelerating world
  6. It’s good for equality
  7. It’s good for the economy
  8. It’s good for the environment
  9. It’s so good it’s going to be made compulsory
  10. It’s a must – say writers and philosophers

Ten Reasons to go for a Walk is an excellent read by Mary Anne and Thierry Malleret, offering well-researched arguments mixed with personal experience and anecdotes exploring the benefits of walking for our physical and mental health. It is available to buy on Amazon.

The technology behind Street Wisdom taps into many of these benefits and this book perfectly sums up why (and how) we should be implementing walking into our routine. Join us on one of many free immersive walking workshops, in over 30 countries worldwide, to learn how to use the Street Wisdom approach of walking mindfulness to solve problems and find inspiration in the wisdom of your urban environment. See the list of upcoming events here.