Street Wisdom for Mental Health Awareness Week

An important part of our remit at Street Wisdom is working towards ending the stigma of mental health in the workplace and support companies to deliver mental wellbeing to staff. Increasingly we’re working with companies who really care about mental health and creating a supportive environment for their employees to shine.

That’s why this Mental Health Awareness Week we’re working with Mental Health Awareness to offer unique events, using our groundbreaking approach, to organisations based in The City and Canary Wharf. We’re looking to partner with organisations focused on improving mental wellbeing, to equip employees with the mindfulness skills to use their urban landscape to solve personal or work-related problems. The theme of this years MHAW is Stress and our immersive workshops give employees who experience high levels of stress, an accessible way to find some much-needed headspace.

Mental illness costs UK employers over £30bn a year through sick days, lower productivity and recruitment costs. Creativity – or the ability to come up with new solutions or ideas – is critical to mental wellbeing and success in our ‘attention economy’. Research shows that 30% of knowledge workers are unable to do any thinking at work while 58% do less than 30 minutes per day. Instead, they are swamped by ‘doing’. Street Wisdom breaks the cycle and helps businesses become more creative, dynamic and inspired while improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Our founder, best selling author and creativity maestro, David Pearl will be running two sessions: one in The City and one in Canary Wharf over MHAW. These unique events will enable your employees to step back, slow down and find new perspective by connecting with their urban environment. The three-hour session will give the chance to focus on their own mental wellbeing and give the tools to use this urban application of mindfulness, at any time.

See more on the powerful results from the work we’ve done with companies including Google, Samsung and Lush here.

Be a part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 and join in this very important conversation. For more information about organising a bespoke Street Wisdom wander to energise and inspire your team – download more information on Wisdom on the Wharf and Wisdom in the City.

If you would like to get a taster of how Street Wisdom can benefit your organisation, founder David Pearl will be running a special Street Wisdom for Business session for a small curated group on Wednesday 18th April in London. If you would like to book a space for this taster session, get in touch.

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