Add a little wonder into your routine

By Rachel Crowther

“Life is routine and routine is resistance to wonder.” Abraham Joshua Heschel

Routine can be brilliant, it helps us get stuff done as efficiently as possible, makes us well prepared for whatever the day might bring and means things run smoothly. It’s especially important during the working week. Life can be hectic and a routine makes it that bit easier to manage.

However, the problem with routine is that it can get a bit samey, a bit Groundhog Day. It’s easy to go into auto-pilot, we’re so accustomed to following the same pattern of events that we don’t even need to think about what’s happening next. This sadly leaves minimal room for wandering…

Street Wisdom brings a little wonder to your routine. It teaches you how to find the magic in the things you do everyday and notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. Like being able to see something other people can’t. As a recent wanderer put it, “There’s inspiration everywhere, and Street Wisdom helps you see it in new ways, as if your very eyeballs had been replaced!”

Because it’s noticing the little things, that can have the biggest impact. The things we walk past daily, the people, the signs, the views: all that we’ve become accustomed to ignoring. Becoming aware of these little things can be powerful. Looking up to appreciate some amazing architecture on your way to work will make a significantly better start to your day than looking down to your emails.

Try adding a little Street Wisdom to your routine and allow yourself time to wonder even if it’s just for a matter of minutes. Give yourself a break from multi-tasking and multi-mulling over problems. Slow down to notice those little things you so often ignore, take it all in and just wonder. It’ll refresh and re-energise – give you some headspace and maybe even shed some light on one of those problems you were mulling over.

Routine can be resistance to wonder, but only if you let it be.