Connecting through Mindfulness

This was our second Street Wisdom event and as always it was thoroughly enjoyed by me, as the host, and the guests. I picked a weekday this time and we didn’t have as many participants as on a weekend but it was Market Day in our small town and it gave a whole new dimension to the session.

It was interesting to see the all-female group start to change throughout the tuning process.  I always email the participants a week before to explain what is going to happen and remind them to come with a question in mind, so they are prepared.  The ladies all had deep questions, and during the sharing, back at our studios, it was very inspiring to hear their positive and empowering moments from the session.

What surprised me the most was that one lady had travelled 65 miles to attend, as she wanted to begin her own Street Wisdom sessions in her coastal town.  It turns out we are connected by Psychologies Magazine (which is where I first read about Street Wisdom in 2017). She is a member of the Life Leap Club for subscribers of which I am an ambassador for and we have also kept in contact.

by Gail Donnan


One thought on “Connecting through Mindfulness

  1. I am that person who drove 65 miles! Thanks for your skilful guidance on the day Gail, and the encouraging conversation that we had while walking into town,

    I have posted a review on the SW review page, and am looking in my diary to find a date to hold my own Street Wisdom event. 😀

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