New Year, New Way of Thinking

The new year brings with it high expectations of what we should be giving up or taking up. This pressure often leads to unrealistic ideals of what we should and shouldn’t be doing, triggering anxieties and negative thinking to make us feel guilty. The old ‘New Year, New You’ somewhat suggests that there was something wrong with the ‘old you’ and that the new year will overcome this.

80% of resolutions sadly don’t make it past mid-February so let’s try looking at New Year’s resolutions in a different way. Starting with being a little kinder to yourself rather than setting yourself up for failure. You can use the Street Wisdom technology to try the following steps:

– Start by looking at the positives

Take the time to consider your successes; what you’ve done well, what you’re grateful for and then build upon those. Consider it a review rather than a plan for radical transformation.   If you’re struggling to think of the positives then get outside and clear the cobwebs. You’re more likely to think clearly in the great outdoors then stuck on your sofa…

– Don’t rush into setting unrealistic goals but make mindful decisions

Using the Street Wisdom approach, slow down, step back and see your decision from another perspective. Give yourself the time to consider different options to focus on – it’s likely you’ll be surprised at what else comes up for you. Tap into the wisdom of your surroundings to help in deciding what you want to do and why. If it’s an important decision, give it the time it deserves. 

– Reflect and adapt

Whatever is you are looking to start (or stop), be clear that it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s important to be realistic and reflect on where you’re at. What matters is that you’re cultivating an awareness, rather than expecting an overnight transformation. What better way to reflect than going out for a wander, even just a ten minute lunch break walk will give you the headspace you need for a clear, fresh outlook on your progress.

Once you’ve been on a Street Wisdom wander, you can use the technology in your day to day life when it comes to making decisions, coming up with new ideas or simply finding some headspace in our busy lives. It works as a powerful tool for finding fresh answers to important questions in your personal life and in business. Once you’ve experienced Street Wisdom you’ll have a new way of thinking that can be used in all areas of life. You don’t need to find the new you, just a new way of thinking.

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