Sofia: Dialogue with the city

By Evgeni Mitev

We had a great #WorldWideWander day in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 10, 2017 with 18 participants, excellent weather and feeling of Sunday timelessness.  

Gayane Minassian:“Street Wisdom and #WorldWideWander 2017 in Sofia was a magical and surprisingly rich experience. I literally “met” the answers to my questions (two questions initially and a third was added on the way), while walking downtown with relaxation and ease. This beautiful day left me with heartfelt new acquaintances, deep wisdom and useful steps and strategies for achieving my goals (and I immediately began working on them). Thank you to Evgeni Mitev and Tihomir Georgiev for organizing this unforgettable experience!”

Delyan Savov: “I am now officially street wise. I had the honor of drinking from the cup of Street Wisdom. Thank you Evgeni Mitev and Tihomir Georgiev for exposing me this powerful practice! And while I did not experience any particular revelations, nor did get an answer to my question, I had the opportunity to see first hand how this approach really works wonders for people. I will definitely incorporate this practice in my life and I am sure to benefit from it!

by Evgeni Mitev