When does the Street Wisdom experience start?

By Inés Alonso

Black Saturday afternoon. Shopping centre. A packed Bromley, with lots of people shopping all over the place, welcomed the Street Wisdom participants. Paying attention was a challenge with all the tempting items and activities going on around us. As a matter of fact, some of the participants ended up shopping, or checking the shops they would visit after the event, or having lunch. I usually get a bit anxious when participants don’t follow the instructions because I think they might not get any answer. This time I decided to relax and think that all those actions might be part of their Street Wisdom experience.

When sharing out insights, I found out that in fact, participants got inspiration from those interactions and even some good answers. I finished the event wondering when does the Street Wisdom experience start? At the moment of signing up? When thinking of a question?

by Inés Alonso