Brisbane Street Wisdom

By Cathryn Lloyd

A beautiful Brisbane morning.  We meet at the Queensland State Library at Kurilpa where the First Nations people of Australia have gathered for thousands of years.  It seems fitting to be seeking wisdom and sharing stories in this place.

It is a sublime morning that lucky Queenslanders get to experience in Spring – cool and crisp mornings and evenings and lovely blue sky days. We are also greeted by the Brisbane Writers Festival which has been running this weekend. Lots of creative energy flowing. Gradually the curious Street Wisdom Adventurers meet and we spend a bit of time getting to know one another. People are intrigued, curious, excited and calm. I share with the group the background story to Street Wisdom and also David’s poignant story about his brother when they were children.

The Tune Ups begin – we warm up to each other and Street Wisdom.  And then we head off on our Quest.  Our curious questions bubbling as we explore the Southbank area – galleries, library, literature festivals and nature abound.  It really is a rich environment to explore.  After our Quest we head to the Gallery Of Modern Art for some much needed sustenance and share stories.  The connections, metaphors, sharing and learning is quite remarkable.  People have amazing insights and aha moments.  Interactions with our surroundings has provided insight for people.

Gradually people depart with a strong sense that this has been a worthwhile and, as one person says, profound experience. There is much to mull over and from the feedback I think this will reverberate for some time.  The responses from people have been very positive.  I think we will run another Street Wisdom in Brisbane – watch this space.

Cathryn Lloyd

The Brisbane Street Wisdom Mob – what a great group of people – sharing and learning