Planting Seeds in Munich

By Susanne Taylor

There is a first time for everything, and this was the first time I was late to a Street Wisdom event. Luckily I had some on-the-ground support (friend back up) and by the time I arrived everyone was already getting to know each other. I could tell immediately it was going to be a fun group – open, curious, ready – all on a Sunday morning.

Once we found a warm patch of sunshine (summer temperatures having decided to take a vacation) and got warmed up we took off stretching our perception and being mindful.

Everyone was drawn to a large fountain, two young women posing and taking photos of each other. While we all enjoyed the white noise of the falling water, some noticed details like – there’s the exact same fountain across the street. And the decoration on the fountain matches the window frames of the building in the background!

We all enjoyed slowing down, even if it took a few of us checking our pace as “slow” with the glacial speed of the others! Many noticed that those on the streets who were jogging or walking fast, slowed momentarily to look at the “slow walkers”. What was going on?

When meeting back at the café, we were happy to immediately share stories and insights. Many noticed, “it depends on where you are in thinking about your question. If you are in the beginning, there are lots of things that grab your attention, but no ‘one’ answer. However, if you are in the middle of your question – having carried it around for a while, things seem to quickly catch your attention and fit together right away!”

munich schwabing collage by Susanne Taylor

Some of my favorite insights from the group:

“You’ll find understanding from people who have faced challenges. When you struggle, you seem to learn the value of something – it builds the core.”

“Right – like – ‘I’ve never met an interesting person who has had an easy life.’!”

“You also have to learn to be happy. To cope you need to have a mechanism that works. I try to find at least one good thing in every situation – it became a habit.”

My favorite of all: Street Wisdom – it’s like a seed that gets planted in you!

Here’s to planting more seeds of curiosity. Cultivating openness and consciousness, intentionally pulling the weeds of fear and judgment – one street at a time.