The Wonders of Bermondsey

By Angela Wells

I’m standing under an overcast sky outside the Fashion and Textile Design Museum on Bermondsey Street with 3 eager street wisdom participants all keen to begin. This is a fascinating area, filled with a fusion of old and new buildings combined with a mixture of local residents and tourists alike enjoying the village atmosphere in this now thriving part of London.

Each question asked and explored allows us to pay attention to something specific and unique within the environment bringing to light many new perspectives that we can learn from. This raises the question of how open are we to our surroundings? On Saturday as the group explored each of the questions we discovered what it means to find the beauty in everything. From this one question came the realisation that a suspension of judgement is required in order to be open to what’s beyond the obvious, and this is true for so many situations and perspectives in life.

Having tuned in to the street and atmosphere of Bermondsey, ideas and inspiration began flowing for this small group. Some insights included an instinctual knowing of the answer, seeing where a specific theme will lead them in the future and who best to help with a new business idea.

It’s amazing how such a simple process can encourage a  whole new story to unfold in someones life leaving them with new food for thought.

All in all by lunchtime each person left with a smile on their face 🙂

by Angela Wells