Mindfulness at Walk – the sequel

The first event with our collaborators, friends and mindful allies Mindfulness at Work was so exciting we just couldn’t leave it there.   Not least because, the more you practise Street Wisdom, the more your learn.   This time we joined MaW’s growing community of Mindfulness coaches among the Halva and Hookahs on London’s distinctly Middle-Eastern flavoured Edgware Road.

We didn’t have much time but it’s amazing what you can discover when you really pay attention.   About presence.  About passion.   About perfume (yes, awakening senses also led to a lessons in scents).  Even about the Police – the ones guarding Tony Blair’s nearby mews house were very curious about our slow walking past his door!

If anyone who took part would like to add their thoughts, comments, perspectives…we’d love to hear them.

7 thoughts on “Mindfulness at Walk – the sequel

  1. David, thanks so much for leading us through such a fantastic experience! Yes I did get questioned by armed police….but that was one of the most interesting parts – to observe how I felt about it. Amazing to have such an adventure on such well-worn streets. Thank you!

    • It was a pleasure to meet you – and it IS amazing to see the adventures on our doorsteps. I’m sure Tony Blair was fascinated to see you on his doorstep too!

  2. David, such a great experience and so well lead by David. Being given the opportunity to see wisdom in the streets and our everday surroundings was a joy. To think about how that walk to the tube or from one meeting to another, can be a support and allow time and space to enrich our lives and experiences with others was appreciated. Hope to be able to join a huddle soon, thank you.

  3. Hi David, yes, thank you for an amazing experience. I wondered whose house it was with the armed police – thank you for answering that one!
    I found it interesting how the tune-up exercises quickly changed my experience… I noticed much more detail, slowed down and felt much more at ease.
    When we asked a question to our environment, I had a fairly low expectation of receiving any answers, but in-fact had some profound insights that came from ‘messages’ in my surroundings and people I felt brave enough to ask. I have since done a nature wisdom walk in my local wood and would recommend that too.
    I get creative when I walk anyway and now I know how to tap into so much more!

    • Thanks so much for your comments. And keep that creativity going. If you feel like doing more – including this in your professional work – come and join our Members’ Club?

  4. Hi David, I echo what the lovely lot above me have said. It was a wonderful morning. I was bought up in London (not the posh part we were wizarding in!) and have always loved the streets. I find them fascinating, knowing to look up as well as ahead (especially not just at my phone). But this was an even more inspiring approach – using the ‘free-ness’ of the streets, yes meant in many ways. Love the language you use too around wisdom and wizardy! I do wonder how different the experience would be if it was done in a less well-healed part of London. Or in wet/cold weather. Sometimes the experiences perceived to be ‘less desirable’ can be smarter teachers. Definitely interested in engaging more! Thanks 🙂

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