Sunny Afternoon at Granary Fountains

By Linda Forbes Young

After a very mixed week weather-wise I woke up Sunday morning to blue skies and sunshine!  My immediate reaction was one of  total gratitude that we had the promise of a beautiful day ahead but then this was quickly followed by a severe attack of jittery nerves as the realisation hit me that today was the day I would facilitate my first Street Wisdom event!!!

However I need not have been so jittery!

We had such a lovely group of 12 people who all came with open minds and hearts and it was a joy to watch them  as they visibly relaxed into the experience.   At the end some were happy to share the messages they had received from the street and others chose not to but their big grins spoke volumes!!  Unanimously it was agreed they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had gained so much from the afternoon and would be using the process in their lives in the future and would help spread the word!  Hopefully some of them may go on to facilitate their own Street Wisdom event.

Personally I had a blast – the weather was super – the location perfect and the icing on the cake was being able to pass on something really worthwhile to some lovely people which can help make a difference in their lives!  All in all a damned good day!

PS Note to Mel – You may not remember but I met you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and I had the message about the bees??!  You remember the walls covered with paintings of bees?   Well yesterday during the introductions two bees were flying round me and the group!!!  How cool is that?!  🙂