Snow & Synchronicity in Stockholm


When we started working with our friends Ogilvy & Mather in Stockholm, we didn’t expect snow (in April) nor did we realise the location was so significant. Take a look at what we discovered and why we are proud to have played our small part in World Peace! And if you were taking part in the event, please leave your comments below. We’d be inspired to hear about your experiences.

2 thoughts on “Snow & Synchronicity in Stockholm

  1. This was my first encounter with Street Wisdom, and I have to admit, at first I was actually a bit sceptical. Watching and listening to David and hearing his passion for this became more and more contagious, though.
    The tune-up session was actually quite strange and took a while to come to terms with. I especially battled with the “Slow Down” part, but after a brief moment, you really start noticing things. And then came the “actual” session…. It took a while to come up with a question, but then I started working (and walking) with it… And this is when I started noticing more and more things about my surroundings, and just letting the street guide me. If I saw a sign that felt like an answer pointing left, I went left… and then the signs guided me to the place where a large group of people had gathered. After asking an elderly couple what this was, I found out that this was the spot where the attack took place only a few weeks prior to our visit to Stockholm. And this is when everything faded away, and I just stood there, watching the people paying their respects and condolences… quietly… In this process, I briefly lost track of time, and just stood there. Soaking in the emotions, sounds, everything….

    All in all, this was a truly different and inspiring session, and I will continue to follow this and try and practice it whenever I can, alone and then also with others. Thanks again, David and I will be in touch.

    • Many thanks, Luan, for taking the time to send us your impressions of street wisdom in Stockholm. Who knew a site of terrorism could have positive impact? Do stay in touch. Best D

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