Pioneer Event in Munich

Bike in munich by susannemtaylor

Just in time for the rain to pause, but the chilly temperatures of autumn to begin, we held the first Street Wisdom event in Munich. After the crowds of the Oktoberfest, it was wonderful to meet up with 7 pioneers and watch the streets wake up.

We decided to do the event in English to accommodate a few people who were not yet comfortable with the German language and our German companions (half the group) were happy to accommodate.

A fun mix of German, Spanish, Mexican, American, and SE Indian folks had a quick round of introductions and then we followed the pigeons and slowly made our way towards the busier part of the city.

After each “tune-in” exercise we shared a bit of what we’d noticed. It was a joyful experience for many to discover hidden courtyards (Munich has a lot) movie theaters, and to extend our views UP. Up towards copper rooftops, or scalloped building edges.

Munich Lion by susannemtaylor

Lots of senses woke up along the way. Our sense of smell woke up, as we had accidently stopped to share about “going slow” behind a lovely bakery. (Warm bread smells heavenly on a chilly autumn morning.) And moments before one of the participants shared that some workmen had “meowed” at her like a cat. (Around this time we all noticed lively trumpet music coming from somewhere nearby.)

By the time we launched out on our own to wander and see what the street had to tell us, everyone was ready for a coffee/tea hand warmer! So, we took off on our ways to enjoy the second part of the experience.

When we all reconnected back at the warm café everyone was glowing and excited to share what they’d experienced and learned.

One participant reported, “Humor is everywhere! It’s really a perspective. I notice it really frees me up!” Another said, “I realized that to be more adventurous I need to take the road less travelled, to be more vulnerable, and just to step on the gas and give it a bit of power!”

Others shared that finding their own rhythm was important and afterwards felt that “I’m on the right path.”

Connections to various passions and hopes were also shared, and we discovered there were resources right there in the group! Everyone was so energized by the experience that we’ll be having more events all over Munich, in different neighborhoods, in the near future.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Pioneer Event in Munich

  1. I loved reading this. So exciting to see street wisdom taking root in Germany. I wish we had more meowing builders here in UK. Let those idiots in Westminster think about Brexit. This is about growing richer and deeper connections across Europe and the world.

  2. Wonderful experience… beautifully facilitated by you. Looking forward to having my kids join the experience and see what comes up?
    Thanks! ?

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