LUSH was a rush!

By David Pearl

Lush is always thinking about the senses.  Their shops are a riot of colour, an explosion of different scents, a playground of textures.  They also think constantly about learning and how to inspire their thousands of people around the world develop and grow.

When Katie Nugent gathered Lush’s 50-strong international training team in London she asked us to create a Street Wisdom experience for them which would help inspire the inspirers.   What could they learn from seeing their surroundings with new eyes, ears and – yes – noses?   What ideas would our street-based, experiential learning experience spark in these training pros?

Well, I don’t want to gush, but Lush was a rush!

“The session was so much more than we expected” Katie told us afterwards. “It contributed not only to formation of plans for next steps in training but also to real connections between the group and a noticeable ‘recharging’ of individuals”.

Certainly, I can’t remember a richer, more productive or more enjoyable event.   Emotional, too.   Did it have something to do with the late summer sun bathing Oxford Street?  Or the fact that 3 of the five groups were led by Lush’s own Street Wizards – Boo and Nina and Andrew?  Or the general openness, enthusiasm and all-round wonderfulness of the participants?    Probably all of the above.

Many of those taking part had powerful personal experiences – and if you are reading this, please leave us a comment or two below so we get a flavour of your own quests.   Collectively, we harvested a basin (or even bath) full of new ideas for training in the business.   So next time you are passing a Lush, keep your eyes, ears and noses alert.  We think you will start sensing changes.