Wisdom from the Southbank

By Angela Wells

A warm and sunny morning on the SouthBank greeted us amidst talk of the recent results of the EU referendum. When I arrived, 6 people were already getting to know each other, talking, laughing and eagerly awaiting for the experience to begin. Soon more people arrived and we became an International bunch of keen explorers ready to dive in and learn from the street and each other, and this is exactly what happened.

In times of uncertainty Street Wisdom is the perfect antidote in providing community spirit and shared wisdom.

Several people noticed that slowing down felt like a disconnection from the rest of the world.  And yet having slowed down or stopped in some cases to ‘smell the ‘Mexican food nearby’ the sound of laughter was heard and allowed for a gentle reconnection with the world on a whole new level.

There is movement in the River Thames flowing past as there is also movement in the sea of people enjoying the river bank. Life moves and flows whether we want it to or not sometimes and creating space for ourselves to explore this is beneficial to our wellbeing. There were some poignant questions asked and answered among the group providing much needed clarity and a sense of unity.

I wonder what answers the street has for you?

See you soon