Spitalfields: Providing Answers and Inspiration

By Angela Wells

Spitalfields is a diverse market filled with a multitude of colours, fabrics and new ideas for all who visit including those of us in search of wisdom.

The simplicity and structure of the street wisdom experience is an opportunity to take some time for yourself, slow down and notice the world around you.

I began my Saturday morning with a small, yet perfectly formed group of people all showing up to explore and discover answers to their own questions, culminating in sharing their experiences with a hot drink in warm surroundings.

Each person had different insights and observations from goldfish to straight lines in an area which to some was a familiar landscape and yet they noticed that there’s aways something new to learn and gain answers from.

“I’m so glad I came” and “I’m so inspired” were some of the words I heard during those three hours of Street Wisdom warming me up from the inside out.

All of us are looking for answers about life in some way or another and there’s a special magic about this time we take for ourselves that words alone cannot convey.

As I gently guided the group through the simple exercises, I loved listening to each person’s insights and perspectives, appreciating the value of providing others with the space to slow down and connect both with themselves and the outside world.

The answers are everywhere if we choose to look for them…even on the street!

Angela Wells