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“It’s not rain – it’s nature reminding us we’re alive!”.  That was my own personal breakthrough moment leading a Street Wisdom in wonderful, wanderful Copenhagen.  Our 12 adventurers had started their Tune Up in bright sunshine. An hour later, just as we started the Quest, the skies opened.  It turned out to be perfect weather for an elemental journey. And it was also really fitting, given this Street Wisdom event was hosted by our new friends Being Human – an organisation that’s best known for taking groups into the wilderness and connecting deeply to Nature for inspiration.

Why did they want to run a Street Wisdom? Founder, Sille Lundquist put it this way – ‘Wisdom is everywhere, if we pay attention to it – this is a belief that Being Human shares with Street Wisdom. Even though we mostly use nature – both the great wild nature, and the small pockets of nature in every city around the world – for nourishment and inspiration, the collaboration was right from the second we met. I got curious and was guided by a playfulness, generosity, depth and eagerness to explore that not only made my day but answered my question – and inspired the people that came along as well! What a wonderful day – being alive in the rain!’

The questions people asked were, as ever, varied.  ‘Should I build the houseboat?‘ was one that stuck in my mind.  Another was ‘My head says yes to the dramatic new job but my body isn’t sure…which of them is right?’  The final sharing, in the warmth of the Atlasbar was just fascinating.  I had to tear myself away so I would get to the airport on time.  But I sense the conversations – and the real adventures – are just beginning.

David Pearl

Inventor of Street Wisdom

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5 thoughts on “Wanderful Copenhagen

  1. Hi Sille. I really enjoyed the Street Wisdom event. Seeing my beautiful Copenhagen in a new way, and being guided through the process by David. Learning about the concept was in itself inspiring and maybe I enjoyed the debrief at Atlas bar meeting great people the most. Kind regards from Lene

  2. Dear Sille and David, thanks for taking the initiative to bring the Street Wisdom movement to Denmark. I am fond of the concept of exploring the city from a different perspective. I definitely believe the answers are everywhere and the wisdom lies in our everyday interactions. The Street Wisdom movement initiated by David Pearl is a ingenious way to bring connections, positivity and trust into the public space and is worth spreading throughout the country, anytime of the year. And I’d be happy to bring my contribution to it. Love to you all, Nicolas

  3. Dear Sille & David- it was a very enjoyable and streetwise afternoon. Thank you so much for inspiring and guiding us through these eye -opening walks.It was so interesting to see how much the streets respond and talk to us if we open our eyes and hearts. Just to finish my story – I completely forgot to tell you that I saw a beggar and gave him some money wishing him a good day and had a feeling of giving without expecting ANYTHING in return – it was a relief – and I think this was also an answer to my question (“how can I be a better mother and help my son in the best way?”). Interesting thing was that yesterday my son said to a person we met -“yeah she is a good mom” – so YES the street does give us answers and the universe responds… especially if we take the time to ask the questions. Thank you to all of you for spending and sharing beautiful precious moments together, even if we were on our “own” walks. I would love to do this again and have also recommended you to lots of people. baci e buonanotte Helene

  4. Walking in The Streets of Copenhagen looking for Wisdom was a simple quest with a strong resonance. Somehow David’s clear questions and funny challenges opened up for a goodie bag of knowledge from within. Sharing with new people was powerful.

  5. It was a fabulous experience. It reminded me not to make things more difficult than necessary. And I saw the city I grew up in, in a completely new way. Thank you both of you.

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