Finding the value in Wisdom

By Melinda McDougall

The UK Values Alliance is a community of people who work with values in education, business, government, NGOs and other sectors. Our aim is to put values at the heart of UK society. We meet once a quarter in London to network and find ways to collaborate for increasing our impact in the world. Our last quarterly meeting focused on ‘Learning’ as a theme and we used Street Wisdom to experience a different kind of learning. It was a blustery day in London as we took to the streets – two groups of around 10 people each. The river and streets around the Millennium Bridge proved to be a rich source of wisdom. Later in the afternoon when we gathered to share our experiences, many people had come away with profound insights in response to a great variety of questions. Really it was very moving.

Our members loved the experience and we will surely consider repeating it in time to come. Thanks to Mel and the team for the great materials and support making it easy to experience this magic process.

Here’s one of the groups getting their briefing before heading off on a ‘tuning in’ walk.