‘Street Dope’ on Harley Street, April 30th, 2015

By Gavin Presman

This was the first Street Wisdom event that I have led, and it was wonderful to see the participants so easily tune into the environment and start to draw inspiration from the streets. The area looks quite empty at first and I wondered whether the experience would be as rich as my first in the colourful streets of Soho.

How wrong I was. As you tune in you notice so much in these fascinating streets. Deep history, complex architecture, lushious roof gardens falling over balconies, docs, quacks and quirks, menders, the broken and the mended.

When the wonderers returned they were full of ideas and inspiration, and had answers and attitudes that will make a difference.

My favourite piece of participant feedback was when one of the group referred to one of the tune up sessions as “the Street Dope bit”. It showed me that the whole team saw through the exercise that we all have the ability to tune into our own built in supply of neuro-chemicals that can relax us everyday, and inspire answers to any question we may have.

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Gavin Presman