Soho London April 23rd

By Gavin Presman

Saw things about this street (Greek St) that I hadn’t seen before. Opened up very quickly to the innate beauty that is always present but often hidden. Amazing to see myself and others “slow down” so quickly amongst the bustle of Soho and begin to tap into our own wisdom.

For me I was suprised that as soon as I started asking my question answers appeared from everywhere. Sometime quite directly (Be at One – Open Till 3AM) told me I need to make it easier for people to contact each other outside of normal hours, a beautifully crafted conductors baton opened up a meaningful analogy about conducting an orchestra and the art of direction.

I noticed things I hadn’t seen were here before, and that in itself told me that there was more to this street than often meets the eye. Open to that truth, I was quickly able to get answers to my questions. The process was not only eye opening, but satisfying and enjoyable.

Thank you David for opening me up to the Wisdom of the Street, I look forward to sharing this with others.

Gavin Presman

Gavin Presman