Street Wisdøm!

I have pretzels and box wine. Take me to your artistic leader.

Friday dawned ominously cloudy and cold in Stockholm.  We thought we were in for Sleet Wisdom.  But by the time we gathered at the ultra hip Urban Deli at 1330 the sun was pushing through the clouds and as we started the Tune Up, church bells (synchronistically) started ringing.


It was a wonderful way to kick off the city’s first (but surely not last) Street Wisdom.   People were asking questions about personal life, career, new work directions, next steps.   And answers – as ever – were in rich supply.  Two participants even bumped into Sweden’s leading actor.  So it was a celebrity event too!

If you were one of those taking part, please add your comments below.   Tack!

I have pretzels and box wine. Take me to your artistic leader.


Messages from aliens spotted on by Thomas:   I have pretzels and box wine. Take me to your artistic leader.

7 thoughts on “Street Wisdøm!

  1. Slow. Right. Down.

    It was as if someone raised the melodic chirping from the choir of birds by 20 dB. And once the warm-up sessions were completed, the intensity of light, colors and sound was fantastic. It felt very similar to improvising, playing a solo with a great band: the Streets of Stockholm. A fun way to focus on gaining insight!

  2. Lovely afternoon in Stockholm with new and dear friends. Open eyes, heart and mind brought me the most amazing key to my inner wisdom. Panic attack helped me to add positive energi and I could then let go. Attraction, patterns and beauty led my heart to my answers. Thank you all for sharing our experiences together . Love, Lotta

  3. David: thank you for an inspirational round of Street Wisdom. It really opened my eyes to the many things we miss in our immediate circumference, without even knowing it. Slowing down the so-called “normal” tempo has enormous potential — not only to diminish stress levels but to enable us to be more present, albeit in an playful and exciting way!

  4. At last I got to do Street Wisdom which I have been wanting to do for some time. It was meant to be, I checked the website for upcoming events and realised Street Wisdom were to take place in Stockholm that very same day. It was a lovely experience to look and find answers and what a joy to meet you all. Thank you.

  5. A truly remarkable afternoon! Street Wisdom showed me the power I possess in my conscious mind, to reach my true subconsious perception. l struck answers of gold and will definatly use and tell about it. Let there be many magical meetings on many Wisdom Streets all over the world. Thank you David!

    • Thank YOU, Thomas. Great to discover you don’t have to visit India to get the magic. Life is wander-ful in Stockholm too! I look forward to more when you are settled in your new house. Let me know when you can talk.

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