Los Angeles Wisdom

By Jacki Scarcello

Hermosa Beach California( Los Angeles county)

Jaki Scarcello
Jaki Scarcello

We gathered, just a small group of 5 , on a cold and windy day by the sea to try our first Street Wisdom. There were some great insights into the questions that we brought to the process. My question was” what is next for me in my life?”
I cannot say a path opened up in the sky before me but my confidence and strength to find the next path was definately bolstered.
I think my question was a bit vague and that was a good learning for future events.
We did not take a group picture but I have posted here a shot of the surfer statue where we met and from where we sallied forth to explore our environment.
This process is so easy and offers not just great insight for the duration of the exercise but I feel it has fundamentally changed how I will look at the world around me. Answers are everywhere, inspiration is everywhere, we just need to be reminded to look about us.

I can’t wait to try this again with a larger group.
We had a wonderful and insightful discussion in the 3 rd hour and shared what we experienced and learned and possible next steps.
The 4 exercises at the beginning are excellent preparation- I was the facilitator so I had less time than the others but I was amazed by the beauty I saw in everyday things around me when asked to seek the beauty in things.

Jaki Scarcello