Street Wisdom coming to London, 23rd May

By Mark Brown

‘When can I go away again?’

For many of us, that’s the first question we ask as soon as we arrive home from vacation. Holidays are important to us. So important our national investment in holidays continued virtually unchanged right through the recent financial crisis. So in case you are just back from a lovely Easter away and are wondering about the next gap in the work, it’s May Bank holiday weekend.


But before you get our the diary and chequebook, as yourself two questions. Do you have to go away to get away? And does it have to cost money? At Street Wisdom we say a resounding no to both questions. We think there’s a refreshing and inspiring break waiting for you just outside your door. With a tiny shift of mindset and a bit of slowing down, the street you normally hurry through can become as fascinating as any exotic, distant location. And this particular trip costs absolutely nothing. At Street Wisdom you don’t pay fees you pay attention. To prove the point we are organising the largest Street Wisdom ever on Friday May 23rd. It starts at 1000 in and around Trafalgar Square and ends three hours later, when you share what you learned.

It’s a chance to start the weekend early and everyone’s invited; individuals, groups of friends, working teams, whole companies. It could be huge. Some people are calling it the Great British Bunk Off. For us, it’s a chance to take a deep breath before the May-hem begins, get new insights and really think about some of those questions we always hope we’ll get round to on holiday, but rarely do.

To attend this free event you must register here.