Héloise, SCA

By Mark Brown

I believe that people who come to Street Wisdom don’t expect anything from it, they don’t have any pre-conceived judgements about what’s going to happen and that’s the beauty of it.

I felt myself, step by step, being guided by the architecture, the sounds of people talking, walking on the street, various colours…The Street Wisdom experience enables you to listen to yourself, realize what’s around you and be guided by this energy within you. If there is one thing which is important is to let go.

We all come with a question, which can be anything and you’ll realize that throughout the day you’ll be able to answer it yourself.

This adventure let you discover another part of yourself , that you’ll be able to nurture throughout your life. (specially if you live in a big city) It brings back the importance of our surroundings and the powerful impact that it can have on us.

Héloise Jutteau, Creative at School of Communication Arts