Louise, Mindfulness at Work

By Mark Brown

I derive so much pleasure from my business training Mindfulness in the Workplace, but recently I have been experiencing depletion due to an aspect of my business that has not sat well with my over-arching purpose – to help enable people to achieve their full potential and to flourish in all areas of their lives.

Street Wisdom very quickly enabled me to see that actually I needed to just be myself and have confidence that this is good enough. I noticed nature just ‘being’ – birds flying effortlessly, flowers flowering without trying, leaves crinkling at the edges (but still with a purpose – ahead of being shed and making way for new growth in the spring). I noticed a caged tiger depicted in a shop window and felt a strong affinity with the creature. I then saw a street sign with an arrow and a heart reminding me to move in the direction of my heart’s wisdom at all times. Followed by lots of circles that reminded me that although we come back to the same issues, we can always move on if we embrace the evolutionary imperative.

Feeling free of old constraints, the SMS arrived ‘open the space ahead’. Standing in Shaftesbury Avenue, with not a vehicle in sight, I looked up at a building on the corner of China Town. An enormous tiger on the side of the building looked down on me. An incredible moment of grace seemed to permeate through my very being. And the next text then asked me to meet at Grace in Great Windmill Street. Coincidences? I think not.

The street was communicating its wisdom to me. And I have listened and taken action. Watch this space!

Louise Cox Chester, Mindfulness at Work